Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bluffer's Park - coyote and wildlife warning and safety tips

We share our beautiful Scarborough Bluff's
with many wildlife species.  Many wild animals, including coyotes, have adapted well to life in the city.  I have encountered coyotes a few time while exploring and hiking through our parks, ravines and bluffs.
The City of Toronto has excellent information available right here.
I found this sign at Bluffers Beach!!

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Hanne Bente said...

We have neither wolves or coyotes in Denmark, only in ZOO.
that is, that has been seen / found one in November 2012 in Thy Park, the "smart" think that it came here from Germany ..... it is 199 years since there was last seen / found a wolf in Denmark .. ...
I have a lot of animals in Canada, as we know only from ZOO.
Wish you a good day - hope you have had a really merry Christmas.
Hugs Hanne Bente