Friday, October 17, 2008

A Threat to our Natural Ecosystems -- Dog-strangling Vine (DSV), is a highly invasive species of natural areas..

Dog-strangling Vine has replaced all wildflowers in this area of Sylvan Park in Guildwood.

The Pale swallowwort (Cynanchum rossicum), also known as Dog-strangling Vine (DSV), is a highly invasive species of natural areas.
It can rapidly out-compete existing vegetation, thereby reducing overall biodiversity of a site.

Survives in sun and shade, and in damp or dry conditions. Kills the plants around it by changing the acidity of the soil. Once established, it is extremely hard to eradicate.

The plant is establishing itself in Guildwood and can be found in our gardens, parks and along our shoreline as well.
Please view my pictures from Sylvan Park and other locations.
Various methods of control have been tried on many locations over the last few years including pulling, digging, cutting, mowing, and smothering.
None have so far proven effective but we need to look at some of these methods over the long term.
Research is still going on.

Invasive alien plants have been in this country for decades and in some cases, for centuries, although the incursion of new species has occurred more rapidly in recent times.

As they displace native vegetation and change the composition of natural ecosystems, the impact on the fauna is significant.
There is no doubt that invasive species present a considerable environmental and economic problem wherever they occur.
For more information please visit the website from Fletcher Wildlife Garden in Ottawa, Ontario.

Minsitry of Natural Resources :
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Dog Strangling Vine (DSV) found on Lake Ontario

DSV along the shoreline

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Pat said...

Hi Gisela

I thought I'd come back to look at another one of your blogs. This info about DSV was interesting! I live near a salt marsh park and I noticed that there was an abundance of a very red vine growing all over the trees this weekend. I've seen this growing along the roads too. Another invasive sort of plant I'm sure! It was red from the change in temperatures. It looked pretty in a way, but it must be choking all the plants.

Your park is beautiful!

Yes, we do have a lot in common! That was fun to know :-)

Hugs, Pat

Gartenzauber 2008, Gartenidylle 07 said...

Wunderschoene Aufnahmen Bek.....!

Wie schön und vielfaeltig die Flora ist.

Bin wie immer ganz begeistert von deiner Welt, am Ontario See.

Liebe Gruesse Waltraud

Naturegirl said...

Gisela: I am quite familiar with this invasive wildplant that threatens our shores and bogs along the highways and it will take quite an effort to clean them up!One has to admit they do look nice along the highways..their purple flowers brigting up a dreary drive along our highways but I know thay must be eradicated somehow!